Helicopter Leaves Book cover design, June 2104


My name is Céire (pronounced: Keir-a)

I started designing for clients while I was still at university, and now work from my new location on the beautiful Kāpiti Coast, New Zealand.

I studied at the University of Otago and graduated with a double degree in Design and Psychology. 

I now run my own design studio where I provide solutions for client's needs in terms of visual communication - branding/identity, book and document layout; and occasionally writing, marketing and more!

My aesthetic style is minimalist and clear. I am a fan of white space and clean, elegant design. As part of my design studio I offer a Risograph printing service. This is a soy ink printing process that produces large quantities of printing for minimal cost. 

I start all my projects with a new and excited outlook, the variety of work I do keeps my mind and attitude fresh. I love helping people communicate their business, event or product in a manner that will add value, no matter the project. 

Please contact me if you are interested in anything that I am doing, or have a project in mind. 

hello@ceirehopley.com / 021 1211487